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Based on the keenness of the wise leadership of this dear country to reach the homeland and the citizen to its natural position among the scientifically and cognitively developed countries; The education policies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia emphasized the importance of education by preparing qualified Saudi competencies with the ability to contribute effectively to the advancement of the economic, social, and cultural fields. To fulfill those aspirations; The establishment of the Community College in Al-Baha was approved based on Cabinet resolution No. 73 dated on 5/3/1422 AH which approved the Supreme Economic Council resolution No. 4/22 dated on 4/3/1422 AH related to increasing admission to higher education institutions, by the establishment of thirteen community college, including Al-Baha Community College The studying at the Community College started with two departments: the Humanities Department (English Language Program) and the Basic Sciences Department (Microorganisms, Chemistry, and Biology Programs). Then, in 1426 AH, new Departments established which, Engineering Sciences Department (Computer Program) and Medical Applied Sciences Department (Nursing Program). Next, in 1428 AH, a new Department of Administrative Sciences opened, including Marketing and Accounting programs. Currently, at the community college, there are Five Departments which the Humanities Department, Basic Sciences Department, Medical Sciences Department, Humanities Department, and Department of Administrative Sciences.

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To deliver a valuable community service by providing high-quality academic programmes and linking them to the needs of the domestic labour market.



To provide high-quality accredited and specialised academic programmes that efficiently and effectively meet the needs of the community. Further, to assist in the country’s development by preparing future human resources and providing them with practical, scientific expertise and knowledge



  1. Improving the quality of education and learning:

By develop and create specific and approved academic programs, that work in accordance with current available data, and relate those programs to the needs of the current labour market, while looking ahead and seek to meet the need of continuous improvement.

  1. Providing practical, scientific experience and knowledge to students:

through the development of an educational environment that is attractive and modern, by harnessing human competencies, diversifying modern teaching methods, and working to use highly effective technical means in the learning and learning process

  1. Graduation of students who are scientifically and practically qualified:

 Preparing and qualifying scientifically and practically distinguished graduates capable of meeting the needs of the labor market with high efficiency.

  1. Community service:

Build effective and distinctive partnerships with government and private sectors to share experiences in training, education and community development.



Honesty: Commit to perform all acts with perfection and dedication, without delay, breach or failure to perform the duty.

Loyalty: Establishing the concept of loyalty and national belonging to Saudi Arabia leadership.

Quality: Strive for continuous development of the administrative work and academic programs of the College, in accordance with local and international standards.

Excellence: Create an attractive learning environment that combines motivation and support for college staff to deliver the best they have.

Commitment: The responsibility for the achievement of all the work in a timely manner, by combining refinement, and quality.

Teamwork: Encourage and motivate the college's staff; to work in the spirit of one team with the aim of providing qualitative work that serves the mission and objectives of the college.


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